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Major college football, who will be the worst in each conference

This is the bottom of each conference. You know, the list no one wants to be even talked about appearing on. While much like conference champions these teams are far from being created equally but what they do have in common is they are all behind their peers. We might as well start with the worst of the worst so with no further ado hailing from the Sun Belt:

New Mexico State:(Sun Belt)

Some would think joining the Sun Belt coming off a 2-10 season would be just what the Aggies needed. Well maybe not while they had 2 wins in 2013 one against fellow new Sun Belt member Idaho and they other against Abilene Christian. They open with Cal Poly(a team that sounds more like they should be a plastics manufacture then playing football) and that should be one win but they go to Moscow to play Idaho so don't count that as a win just yet. Week 2 is a trip to the Georgia Dome andthe Geaorgia State Panthers a game that is pivotal if the Aggies want to even equal 2013's win total. The other games that may be in reach are Georgia Southern and Texas State only because they are both in Las Cruces. They will be much more competitive in most games this year after spending a season in the wilderness of D1 independence but the wins and losses may not be much different.


Wins 1 ( with 5 being a season were all the stars aline)

Loses 11 (cant really go down from here)

Conference 0-8

National Rank 128

Eastern Michigan:(MAC)

The Eagles are coming off a 2-10 (1-7) season and things won't improve much this year.

The schedule is not that daunting but this team has no home field advantage at all. The realty is most medium sized high schools in Georgia out draw them. That makes it very hard to draw talent. The Eagles should start with a win over Morgan State. They also have winnable games against the other directional Michigan schools, Old Dominion, UMASS and Buffalo. The problem is these games might be winnable but likely at best will be close losses.


Wins 1 ( If all the stars aline 6)

Loses 11 (cant really go down from here)

Conference (0-8)

National Rank 127


The best news here is you play in Hawaii and that's about it. The State should make June Jones Governor and offer him what ever it takes to get him back as head coach. Yes, the one appearance on the big stage was a beat down by Georgia. Georgia was also the best team in the nation that year. Road trips are brutal and they have been unable to take advantage of home field. They do host Northern Iowa and should win that game. The problem is I'm not sure with 12 more games there are any wins among them.


Wins 1 (would be an major upset to beat anyone else)

Loses 12 (cant really go down from here)

Conference 0-8

National Rank 126

Florida International:(C-USA)

The Panthers did manage 1 win over Southern Miss and that was all last year. It will probable look very much the same this year. The good news is they will likely double that win total but neither will be against D1 competition. With the level of talent in Florida its inconceivable that this team appears to be this bad again this season. A trip to new comer Old Dominion is probable the best shot for a conference win.


Wins 2 (not likely to do any better then that)

Losses 10 (likely no D1 wins)

Conference 0-8

National Rank 123


It starts and ends with 12 loses in a row to Navy. Conventional wisdom is that this will not be the year to break that streak. I hate to see any team continue to struggle but especially one of the academy. These young men are very special the best of the best and deserve a better fate on the gridiron. It may be hard to get back to 3 wins this year even with likely wins over Fordham and Yale. That said with some breaks there are winnable games on the schedule. Air Force seems to be within striking distance this year and that would raise the stakes against Navy for the Commander and Chief Trophy. Add that to games against Buffalo, Rice, Kent and UCONN and while highly unlikely a winning season would not be impossible.


Wins 2 (If all the stars aline 7)

Loses 10 ( would be devastating to lose either D2 game)

National Rank 122


The Green Wave is coming off a 7 win season but in a new conference and there will be a drop off. SE Louisiana should be a win and things look good for a victory over a visiting Memphis team in mid November. Tulsa, UConn and Temple all have the potential to find their way into the win column The Green Wave is not as far away from the middle of the pack in the AAC as it may seem and a new on campus stadium will help, but this won't be the year.


Wins 2 (If all the stars aline 5)

Losses 10 (Bottom falls out 11)

Conference 1-7

National Rank 116


I will never call for any coach to be fired (Except Lane Kiffin) but the seat is getting warm for Mike London coming off a 2 win season and 2014 does not appear to bring any relief. When you have non-conference games with UCLA and a revenge seeking BYU the scheduler was not kind. When you also miss Wake Forest, Syracuse and Boston College in conference it might not be your year. Richmond and Kent provide a little relief and much needed wins early but that's were it ends.


Wins 2 (any more would constitute a major upset)

Loses 10 (Both wins seem safe)

Conference 0-8

National Ranking 108


Great move to the Big 10 but really bad timing. Lack of experience at the Quarterback and limited receiving threats will lead to a stacked box and huge problems on offence. This could be the season that leaves Scarlet Knight fans screaming to bring back Greg Schiano. Howard and Tulane both look like wins and Indiana appears to be the best shot at getting their first Big 10 conference win. The rest looks pretty bleak for the Scarlet Knight inaugural Big 10 season.


Wins 2 ( 3 if they can get a break or two against the Hoosiers)

Losses 10

Conference 0-8

National Rank 107


The JayHawks at 3-9 last year are proof that some times the arrogant get their just reward. Exhibit A Charlie Wies. While I hate it for the Kansas faithful the last two seasons and the one yet to be played could not happen to a more deserving coach. No, actually strike that if Lane Kiffin were still a head man he would deserve it much more. I digress, The Jayhawks should win non-conference games against SE Missouri State and Central Michigan, problem is that's about it. The other non-conference game is a trip to play a very good Duke team and then there is the entire big 12 to play. Luckily for them numbers don't mean anything these days in the mid west so that's only 9 more losses instead of 11.


Wins 2 (That's probably as good as it gets)

Loses 10 (Both wins seem safe)

Conference 0-9

National Ranking 106


The Golden Bears edge out Colorado but barely. I actually think the Cal will beat them head to head but the Buffs might have more wins. The other win should be Sacramento State with not a lot of hope for any more. You want bad defense well your in the right place. That would imply that they played any defense and that would be a stretch giving up 30 or more in every game and over 40 in all but three. This could easily be a repeat of 2013's 1-11 (0-9) campaign. The Colorado game will determine that.


Wins 2 (Don't see any more)

Loses 10 (11 if you don't handle your business at home against the Buffs)

Conference 1-8

National Ranking 104


As bad as the Wildcats have been I like them over everyone on this list. This is a coin flip between them and Arkansas. They don't play each other and the Razorbacks should have better wins, so wildcats it is. Things seem to be on the upswing in Lexington but probably still going to be 0 for the conference. Tennessee Martian, Chattanooga and Louisiana Monroe should be wins and that's were the good news ends. Vandy has dropped way off but not this far and they don't play the Hogs.


Wins 3 (Don't see any more)

Loses 9 (wins all look safe)

Conference 0-8

National Ranking 86

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