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The College Playoffs

I agree with most, 4 teams is not enough but it is a good start. With 128 schools playing major college football how do we narrow it down to just four. Let's resist the temptation to over think it. I present five simple rules for selecting the 4 teams for the college football playoff.

Rule 1: Conference champions and conference champions only. It's very simple if your not the best team in your conference your obviously not the best team in the country. This narrows the field from 128 down 10.

Rule 2: Strength of schedule matters and not just yours but your entire conference.

Rule 3: Don't forget Cinderella, ninety-nine percent of the time the 4 teams will come from the power 5 conferences. That said, if a team from another conference has that special season combined with two of the power 5 conferences having an off season, grab the glass slipper and see how things play out.

Rule 4: No Independents! No exceptions for any reason if you have any questions refer back to rule 1. There are only 3 starting in 2015 and frankly the other 125 don't need them. Notre Dame, BYU and Army can join a conference, win that conference and then we can talk.

Rule 5: We don't need anymore rules, all scenarios can be solved with rule 1

This would eliminate all bias, preconceived notions. and maximize the regular season. We have our playoff but no one wants this to turn into college basketball were the regular season really means nothing. The regular season in college football is the best of any sport lets not lose that. Expand to 8 teams and its even better. The same rules apply but all power 5 conferences are guaranteed a team in and the other conferences can fight for the final three spots. Play the first round two weeks after the conference championship games at the top 4 teams home fields. This would also turn the conference championship games into the first round of the playoffs making it a 16 team playoff.

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