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Week 1 Wrap

We finally have some football games to talk about and the 2014 season is officially underway. We kicked things off last Wednesday with Georgia State hosting Abilene Christian at the Georgia Dome. Atlanta has become the center of the College football world with 3 games the opening week of the season, the Hall of Fame opening and hosting the SEC Championship. The SEC again looks like the top conference after one week even with Vandy and South Carolina looking horrible and Alabama less than impressive. Georgia made Clemson look like the first line on their resume nothing more. It was not a stellar weekend for the ACC Florida State was lackluster winning and Georgia Tech allowed Wofford to hang around way to long. N State should have lost to Georgia Southern in their first official FBS game but Virginia's defense was impressive or did YCLA look that bad. Only time will tell about UCLA my pre-season pick to win the PAC 12. With the PAC 12 and Big 10 splitting the opening week the biggest takeaway in my mind is a bottom dweller in Cal winning against a mid level Northwestern team is a bad early indication for Michigan State next week. The best thing I saw in the Big 10 was Wisconsin playing LSU so close. Yes it was a loss but the Big 10 has not been competitive in these type games in several years. The question is how good is LSU if the Tigers make noise in the SEC it looks even better if they turn out to be a mid level team then its just another lose by the Big 10.

Best Wins:


Texas A&M

North Dakota State


Louisiana Monroe

Worst Loss:

South Carolina



Florida International

Biggest Disappointment:


Florida State




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