Week 2 Wrap

A real yawner of a weekend for the SEC although Mississippi confirmed Vandy is awful. East Carolina looked good against South Carolina but the Gamecocks survive. Around the rest of the AAC Houston rebounds against Grambling and the rest was pretty awful with SMU getting boat raced by North Texas. North Texas was also the high point for C-USA along with Marshall rolling. The conference played a slew of power 5 teams and played very well in all of them. As impressive as Oregon's win was over Michigan State the remainder of the conference played a bunch of non power conference teams and all but one close and Washington State lost. In the Big 12 only one team played anyone garnering any respect at that was Texas against BYU. The Longhorns were crushed like any empty beer can at closing time in some dive Austin bar. While the ACC slate was far from daunting they did go undefeated and that has not been the case in recent years. The highlight was Virginia Tech beating Ohio State at the Horseshoe. Unfortunately in week two the Big 10 has all but played itself out of the 4 team playoff. Your 3-2 against the MAC with an average margin of victory of 9 that's with Penn State winning by 18. In the two losses the margin of victory was 14.5. Ohio State and Michigan State both lost and Michigan got shutout for the first time in series history against an average Fighting Irish team. Short of someone like Nebraska dominating the conference you are making the selection committees job easy.

Best Wins:

Oregon: biggest game of the week

Northern Illinois: any win against big brother is big

Central Michigan: see above

Virginia Tech: maybe final nail in Big 10 conference

USC: put themselves in PAC 12 conversation

Utah: thumped a pretty good team for the first time in years

Worst Loss:

Michigan: There are big problems in Ann Arbor

Purdue: Big 10 loss to MAC team not news but this is not a great MAC team

Texas: oh there are problems here

SMU: will the Mustangs ever compete again

Biggest Disappointment:

Iowa: two weeks in a row Cardinals are good but you are supposed to be a Big 10 contender

Washington: Hawaii and now E. Washington? really

Oregon State: no this does not mean Hawaii is a good team

UCONN: enjoy not many more wins coming