Week 3 Preview

September 10, 2014

The ACC is loaded with fun games this week from Georgia Tech VS Georgia Southern to Boston College VS USC. Then we have Virginia Tech VS East Carolina and that should be a good one. The remainder of the American Athletic Conference has all kids of opportunities to knock off a power 5 team. We will also see if Houston has anything more for BYU then Texas did. How about the rest of the Big 12 it's a big weekend across the league. With Bob Stoops popping off again about the Big 12 VS the SEC. Lets face facts Oklahoma is at the top of the B12 and Texas Tech is supposed to be upper middle. They get what may be two of the worst teams in the SEC Tennessee looks like 5th or 6th in the east and Arkansas will be 6th or 7th in the west. These should both be blowouts but I have a sneaking suspicion they wont be. Texas gets a chance at redemption against UCLA. The remainder of the PAC 12 play a mix of power 5 teams and Mountain West teams. I think their will be some west coast chest thumping they could sweep them all. Please tell me that the Big ten can sweep the ac this week. Their are three games two against traditional Big ten powers playing a couple of the bottom MAC teams. The third a much more even match with Indiana VS Bowling Green 6-2 is much better than even 5-3. They also have 3 against the big 12 they need at least 2 out of 3. 


Biggest Games:

  UCLA VS Texas: UCLA if the Longhorns have any pride this will be close but to many problems in Austin for a win

  Missouri VS UCF: Missouri by 10

  BYU VS Houston: BYU but it will be closer then people think after the blowout of Texas

  Tennessee @ Oklahoma: Oklahoma, Big Mouth Bob will beat the Vols and bad as he possible can my guess is he leaves the table with a win but still hungry


Upset Alert:

  East Carolina VS Virginia Tech: East Carolina, this feels like a huge trap game coming off the Ohio State upset

  Arkansas VS Texas Tech: Arkansas, I don't like anything I have seen out of Lubbock and the Hogs can run the ball

  Iowa VS Iowa State: Iowa State, they looked good last week and Iowa has been sleep walking all season

  South Carolina VS Georgia, South  Carolina, a desperate team lose this and all their goals are gone

  Georgia Tech VS Georgia Southern, Southern has looked better so far this year even though Tech should have the athletes and a loss would be devastating

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