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Week 3 Wrap

Lets Start in the SEC with South Carolina knocking off Georgia. The ole ball Coach gets the dawgs again this time with an assist from Mike Bobo. I will never understand how you have the best played in college football a first and goal from the 4 and not hand him the ball. The remainder of the conference handled their business including Tennessee playing Oklahoma closer than the score indicated. The Big 12 was a mixed bag with TCU and Iowa State wins being off set by Texas Tech getting hammered at home by a team from the bottom third of the SEC. The Big 10s problems only started with Iowa falling to instate rival and were punctuated with Indiana losing to yet another MAC team in Bowling Green. Another conference that averted a bad weekend with Boston College stunning the men from Troy is the ACC. Georgia Tech all but lost to Georgia Southern and two top teams in Virginia Tech and Louisville both fall to team they should have beaten. The biggest win for the AAC was clearly East Carolina over Virginia Tech. The Pirates get one more crack at a power 5 team in North Carolina that should be interesting. The remainder of the conference was disappointing and Tulsa getting hammered by the Owls of FAU added the explanation point. Marshall continues to be the standard barrier for C-USA. Looking out west the PAC 12 did take a big hit with USC losing but the remainder of the conference was stellar even if not against the greatest competition.

Best Wins:

East Carolina: this may have been a trap game but a huge win for the pirates

Bowling Green: any win against big brother is big

Utah State: This program has come a long way from just a few years ago. Yes just Wake Forest but still a power 5 conference

UCLA: trying to navigate this schedule just win baby



Worst Loss:

Ball State: looking for respect as a conference is not helped losing to FCS teams

Iowa: you have to handle your instate business when its the cyclones and your 9 point away from being the 3rd best team in The Hawkeye State

Texas Tech: This is the kind of loss that kills you and hurts the whole conference

USC: at least it was a non-conference lost but wow

Tulsa: you can't even lose to FAU let alone get blown out

Biggest Disappointment:

Georgia: not so much the loss but more the manner in which it happened

Virginia Tech: for a brief moment it appeared Tech might be back on the national scene

Georgia Tech: without a late gift from Southern the Jackets would have suffered the hardest of losses to swallow

Troy: this goes beyond a bad loss this could be a historically bad season

Florida: winning by 6 against Kentucky is not how to bring the faithful back

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