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Week 4 Preview

We have to start with the show down in Manhattan between Auburn and Kansas State. If the Big 12 wants to back up all the off season talk they need this one. Your currently 1-2 against the SEC in of those the losing team was more impressive in 2 with only the Aransas win over Texas Tech providing any separation. So either win K-State or put a sock in your collective mouths. While that's about all there is from the Big 12 of interest the SEC has multiple matchups to watch. Will Arkansas be able to handle success and win against a good Northern Illinois team and the biggest in conference game is probably Mississippi St. against LSU. The big question is will this be the week LSU looks like LSU? My guess is Alabama handles Florida with no problem turning the heat up a bit higher on our boy Will. If your Florida State, it's all about this weekend and Clemson. As poorly as the Seminoles have played, this is really the only team on the schedule that has a legitimate chance to beat them. I think the Tigers are better but it is at Tallahassee. Miami travels to Nebraska and that makes me wonder how this game became such a foot note , oh to journey back to the late 80's and early 90's if your a Canes fan. That's right most of those fans are 3 or 4 band wagons away by now! What about Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech will the real turkey please stand up. I think it did last week but the Yellow Jackets have been much less than impressive themselves. The winner takes a step towards getting a beat down in the conference championship game. Then we have North Carolina VS East Carolina will the Pirates handle prosperity any better than Virginia Tech if not their slim chances of crashing the party are officially dead. While we are entertaining Cinderella scenarios let us thank the league that helped with that possibility. The Big 10 after almost eliminating themselves from consideration is there any expectation that there are a couple of opportunities to rebuild some field cred? I do believe Nebraska wins and I don't think this week the MAC inflicts any more damage but please someone surprise us. Your over due and your fans deserve something to hang their collective hat on, PLEASE SOMETHING, ANYTHING,...... SURPRISE US! Let me clarify I mean a good surprise Santa has nothing on you surprise wise in the bad realm. You have delivered enough lumps of coal to heat the mid-west. The PAC 12 seems like a bunch of lop-sided games really not much to say.

Biggest Games:

Auburn @ Kansas State: Auburn it's why the SEC is hated they just win these games

East Carolina VS North Carolina: East Carolina only because I want some conversation about Cinderella and this our best shot

Florida State VS Clemson: Florida State yes Clemson looks better but its a conference game and they will find a way to lose

Any Big 10 game against a power 5 team: hey Big Tenners now you understand why and how the SEC pull for each other and teams they hate, even when it hurts you must perception counts.

Upset Alert:

Any Favored Big 10 school: sorry that was just too easy

Miss.ST. VS LSU: Miss.ST. they finally have QB play

Wake Forest VS Army: Army why not kick a Demon Deacon while he is down

Hawaii @ Colorado: Hawaii why not every other PAC 12 team has played them way too close and this is a bad PAC 12 team

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