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Week 4 Wrap

Ok, so asking nicely does still get results in the mid-west but Indiana. This is exactly what the Big 10 needed a complete out of left field, had no business winning, wonderful early Christmas present. Combined with Nebraska rolling, Iowa winning and Rutgers surprising Navy great weekend right? Right up until a giant maize and blue Grinch plopped a home field butt kicking of a loss to UTAH in the middle of the celebration. What in the world has happened to Michigan? My only question is how they snuck by Appellation State. I could go on but that wound is fully salted. In other news, the SEC is considering resending Missouri's membership. To further confound the Big 10 even the teams they play don't help their standing as LSU looks like anything but a conference contender. Hey, Willy dust off the resume it's not looking good in Swampville. While Auburn didn't play well they did win so pick your favorite sock Mr. Stoops open mouth and insert! We officially have a Clemsoning from Tallahassee, congratulations Tigers your consistent.........Bravo! The Pirates are still alive and they didn't just win they rolled, it is what they needed to stay in any conversations about party crashing.

Best Wins:

East Carolina: I thought they could win but not like this

Indiana: the conference thank you notes are on the way

Utah : huge for a program that has struggled since joining the PAC 12

Mississippi State: a big win that could lead to more

FSU: no real road blocks left

Worst Loss:

Clemson: sometimes consistence sucks

Michigan: what can you say this could get much worse

Rice: Old Dominion no you didn't, way to roll out the welcome mat owls

Missouri: your now on double secret probation we looked at a map and East Carolina is much further east

Biggest Disappointment:

Wyoming: you got a bad FAU team at home and squeaked by

Virginia Tech: it is official not back another team making the Big 10 look worse

Michigan: this was too bad not to mention again

Florida: that Idaho game not being played is looking kind of problematic

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