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Sports Watch 
With: Adam Tucker

Adam Tucker is all over Bear Countrty covering the biggest games and events. He is our version of were's Waldo. You just never know were he may pop up next but you know if he's there it's something worth watching!

Hello there, my name is Adam Tucker and I am presently an intern for 92.5 The Bear. To give you a brief background about me, I currently attend the University of West Georgia with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Economics coming up on my final year. Besides school and working with The Bear, I stay active and involved in some organizations such as the National Broadcasting Society, The WOLF Internet Radio, and Rotaract. My main goal is to pursue a path in the field of sports broadcasting. My passion and love for sports is very strong so as long as I am doing something related to this area, I'm a happy individual. If you want to talk college sports, I'm your man. My number one team to pull for is the Auburn Tigers, WAR EAGLE. As far as sports that I participate in, I played baseball and basketball in my younger days, but as of today, I play tennis. Ever since I have landed an internship with The Bear, I have met some interesting people and gained so much knowledge and experience that has not only been very beneficial for me, but has given me more self-confidence to continue my career goals in life. My previous role was a sideline reporter for East Coweta Football and now I travel to different schools to cover other high school sporting events and develop a news package to be aired every Friday night on a sports segment called the "Sports Watch". I currently love what I do and look forward to doing more to help promote and help out for this station.





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