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Stream City Radio is community radio and our churches represent the heart of our communities. We want ensure our churches do not lose their voice in a time when we need them most. Stream of Life programming is our partnership with our faith-based community to bring hope and encouragment to all of our listeners.

Show Schedule
*8PM Tuesday
12:00PM Thursday
8:00AM Saturday
12;00AM Sunday
*New Episode*
Sunday 9AM - 7PM Sunday 9PM -12AM
Monday 1AM - 3AM Monday 1PM- 3PM
 Tuesday 12AM-2AM Tuesday 1PM - 3PM
 Wednesday 12AM-2AM Wednesday 1PM - 3PM Wednesday 7PM-10PM
Thursday 12AM-2AM Thursday 1PM-3PM
Friday 12AM-2AM Friday 1PM-3PM
1st Christian Forest Park.jpg

First Christian Church of Forest Park

Sunday 10 AM -12 PM

Monday 1AM -3AM

Monday 1PM - 3PM

1106 Main St, Forest Park, Georgia 30297  (404) 366-5822

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