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Keith Edmonds


Keith Edmonds is a child

abuse survivor who has

made it his life’s mission

to raise awareness of

child abuse and to give

victims the tools to transition from victim to survivor. He has become nationally recognized as an authority on child abuse.


As a 14-month old, Edmonds’ abuser held his face to an electric heater, leaving his face permanently scarred.  He endured a childhood of pain, burn treatments and bullying at school. As a young man, he turned his life of pain into a life of purpose.


In 2016, he established the Keith Edmonds Foundation, dedicated to empowering child abuse victims and helping them find the confidence to become survivors.


 He has appeared on CNN Headline News on several occasions to tell his story and to offer input on other cases of child abuse cases making national headlines.  He was recently the subject of a feature.

He has made numerous appearances on local television and radio.


Edmonds is a sought after speaker, Recent speaking engagements include:

·       United States Department of Justice Major Crimes Victims             Awareness Week

·       Mid Atlantic Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

·       The South Dakota United Judicial System – Children’s                       Conference

·       18th Annual Kids First Luncheon – Keynote Speaker

·       Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce – Keynote                     Speaker

He speaks at numerous elementary, middle and high schools, universities, churches, fundraisers to benefit children and substance abuse programs throughout the country.


He has published his first book About a Baby and is currently working on his second.


Edmonds and his wife live just outside Nashville in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He has a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree from Central Michigan University.


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